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Why Blog?

Why oh why is Judy making us blog?! We already write articles for her classes, and then more for the paper! Why stress out with another writing obligation!?

To put it simply: If you want to have a career in writing, you need to know how to blog. Everyone can see that print media is becoming secondary to online sources, and there is a HUGE demand for bloggers and online writers. There is not one major site that doesn’t maintain a blog!

People today have shorter attention spans, less time, and want their information fast. The best way to do that is not with long, wordy articles detailing background. It is with short, quick to the point articles that have links to background information. Blogs allow people to do that and it is a HUGE source of information for the world.

Besides the demand for bloggers, blogs are an EXCELLENT resume builder. Why? It shows that you can write consistently, are able to maintain dedication to writing, and are well-informed on topics. I have gotten many gigs and side-work just be using my blog as a resume. I believe it is the number one thing every journalism student should have.

Aside from all that, blogging also keeps you writing. Yes, its awesome to procrastinate on those articles until the last second, but it doesn’t make you a better writer. Writing a short, 200-word blog post once a week will keep your mind sharp, allow you to explore different forms of writing, and can keep you informed on current topics. It’s not only good for your career, its good for you.

Blogging doesn’t have to be stressful. Write about what you love, what you’re interested in, or what you want to know more about.


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