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Check back every week for new prompts! Remember to apply journalistic thinking to these prompts. Think about angles: how they tie into social and political issues, what people should know, why is this important, etc.


-Scott Roeder guilty of murder in killing of abortion doctor George Tiller
-God of War III coming out in March
-Sarah Palin for Fox News
-Health Care Bill
-Plus Size Models making debut
-Google (Chrome, Phone, etc)
-French Thinking of Banning Burqas
-Tea party convention
-State of the Union


-Education Reform
-Video Game Violence
-Cultural Differences
-Handy Dandy Websites
-Influences on Different Generations
-Pop Stars
-Reality TV

New Wave Feminism
-Fashion Trends
-Predictions for 2010
-New Years Resolutions
-Best Youtube Videos
-Sex Education Failing
-Strange Food That Is Surprisingly Tasty
-Little Life Tricks Your Mother Taught you
-What You Miss From the 80’s/90’s

Remember to apply this to your blog’s theme and have fun with it!


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