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Highlights Week 13

April 18, 2010

Hi everyone, week 13. How many more should I do? One more, two? Not sure. I’ll post via my Twitter the answer later when I figure it out.


Highlights Week 12

April 11, 2010

Week 12 Highlights:

Wow, that’s a short list. Many of you are way behind. I know the semester is coming to a close, but please make an effort. A blog is a huge part of your resume, and is crucial to a future in journalism. So don’t get stuck behind.

Highlights Week 11

April 4, 2010

Hey everyone, deadline is in like two weeks, so be sure to either get your blogs done or your articles done ahead of time to avoid the unnecessary stress of completing two deadlines at once.


Happy Easter. I’m going to buy a bunch of discount chocolate now!

Week 10 Highlights

March 28, 2010

Welcome to week 10!

That’s all for this week. Remember everyone you are only allowed 3 missed deadlines in a row. I did not count Spring Break, though, but some of you are still close. Please make sure to update next week in order to stay on the blogging page.

Highlights Week 9-Nope!

March 21, 2010

So few people have updated this week that I’m just going to skip the highlights. Thank you to those that did! You may skip this weeks and I will use the one you made this week as your highlight for the next update.

Also everyone please read the previous post to learn about the new standards for writing the rest of the semester!

Highlights Week 8

March 14, 2010

Hi everyone! I’m sure most of you getting ready for Spring Break. Please be aware that next Sunday your blogs are still due!

We are about half way through the semester so its at this point I’m going to ask everyone to ‘raise their blogging standards’ so to say. What does this mean? Well:

No more skimping on post essentials. These are links to things you are referencing, pictures, and correct grammar and spelling. Sloppiness isn’t tolerated on your regular articles, why would it be acceptable here?

I know you are all very capable of writing well and creating nice blogs that can be used in your resumes in the future. Having a good, strong blog is such a great asset in the journalism field right now, so don’t pass on this opportunity to have one.

Have a great spring break!

Highlights Week 7

March 7, 2010

Hello bloggers,  I hope you’re all enjoying this rainy Sunday. I noticed a lot of you commented on each other’s blog, as per last week’s assignment. I encourage everyone to keep doing that, both to each other’s blogs but also outside blogs that may pertain to your interests.

A few quick notes:

-I’m happy to say that everyone is pretty much up-to-date with their blogs, which is so nice!
-Though Spring Break is approaching, you are still required to have at least 1 blog entry for that week.
-Deadline is next Friday, so don’t forget to turn in your stories early to Judy for feedback and editing.

Also, here’s a pretty interesting article about Newspaper Censorship that happened at my former high school! Deals with the high school’s newspaper staff having an article forbidden from being published due to its putting standardizing testing in a bad light.

Alright that’s it for this week. You now have… 163 hours until next Sunady’s update is due. Yay!