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Highlights Week 5

February 21, 2010

Hi everyone! I know it’s been really busy with deadline and Saturday production, but I appreciate that many of you got your blogs up in time! This was the final week you had a chance to update your blog (for those who haven’t all semester) and many of you were able to.  For those who have been taken off the site, you can simply update your blog and email me ( and I’ll put you back up.

From this week on, blogs who go 3 weeks without updating will be taken off the site. You can be re-added by updating and emailing me.

A quick status on how are blogs are doing…

-Sandra’s blog attracted members of a magazine, and hired her to do a piece about her cooking and had it printed in the magazine!
-Carmela’s blog has a large following, and even Courtney Love (Curt Kobain’s ex wife) is re-tweeting her stories!
-Lisa’s blog is being turned into a book! A collaboration of ways to be environmentally conscience.

See? It pays off to blog. Into the highlights (some of you even blogged twice in one week! Yay!!)…

Many of you are already at the 3 weeks behind or close to it (I count it as 3 Sundays at noon passed without an update) so please take care to update by next week!

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