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Highlights Week 4

February 14, 2010

Hi everyone and happy Valentine’s day! Thanks to those who have taken the time ask me about how to make their blogs better or have asked me questions, I am glad you’re motivated. I cannot stress enough how important writing for online media skills are. The fact is you simply need it in a journalism career. Please continue to work and improve these skills and I promise it’ll pay off in the future.

Anyway, there is no assignment this week. I’d rather you take this week to dedicate some time to write a well-thought out entry. However this is the last week I will allow for inconsistent blogging! That’s right boys and girls, if you aren’t updating, you aren’t on this page anymore. I understand the occasional late week (we all have busy lives) but if you aren’t updating, you’re taken off the page (until you do update again and shoot me an email).

With that in mind, I hope to see everyone’s blogs updated next week. But for now here’s this week’s highlights!

Remember to read the comments from Le Templar, who is a professional blogger (he gets paid real money to write things!) and comment on each other’s blogs!

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