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Highlights Week 3

February 7, 2010

Hi everyone! It’s week 3 of blogging and many of you are doing awesome at it, keep it up! I promise it’s an amazing skill to have and excellent resume piece. This week look out for emails from me about how to improve your blog. Remember that they are in no way criticisms-just ways to work on your blogs.

For those who haven’t been blogging consistently, you will be getting an email from me. Remember that blogging is -required- and I won’t stop bothering you until you do it.

Many of you follow me on my twitter! If you don’t already, please do. It’s extremely handy if you’re going to be late on your blog and want me to know. I also post updates about blogging.

Last week’s assignment was to create your About Me page. Thank you to those that did! For those who did not, I will be emailing you.

This Week’s Assignment: Fine tune your layout. Many of you have played with the Widgets and changed your theme on your blog, but most of you have utilized it. Please go to your Widgets (left hand, under ‘Appearance’) and click and drag the items you want. I suggest adding a Twitter app if you have a Twitter, a link to any other sites you maintain (such as Flickr), a picture of yourself (if you want), and even a blurb about you or your blog on the side for readers to see. Categories, an archive, top posts, and a Subscribe option are all recommended.

If you have any questions about particular widgets or other things, email or Twitter at me and I’ll help you:

Onto the highlights…

Thanks to everyone who blogged this week! Be sure to check out and comment on each other’s blogs-you may see something that inspires you or gives you new ideas!

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