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Spring 2010 Semester Blogging

January 11, 2010

Hello Puma Press Bloggers!

It’s a new semester, which means writing a bunch of stuff. Let’s go over the whens, and the whats of blogging:

Editors are required to blog at least once a week, with the deadline being noon on Sunday. If you miss the deadline, don’t wait until next week. Write an extra entry, even if its short. I understand you’re all busy, but please try!

What to blog about? The answer is:

-Current events, short articles, happenings, people of interest-basically anything you would write for the regular paper.
-Something that is relevant to your blog theme. Can’t think of anything? Google for some inspiration.
-Something you are already writing for the paper. Not the exact article, but a snippet linking to it, or a ‘side bar’ that goes along with the article. Only do this if you are extremely strapped for time, please.

Do not blog about…

-Anything unrelated to your blog theme. Falling into the habit of posting ‘whatever’ will only make you lazy with your writing. Put in some effort, please.
-What isn’t yours. This means, don’t copy and paste a New York Times piece into your blog and then add a few comments like ‘I agree’. Take the time to write out something that correlates with whatever you are posting (if you are referencing a news or opinion article).
-Your personal life stories unless they are relevant. Don’t blog about the sweet keg party you went to this weekend. Blog about how to adjust to college life, how to drink responsibly, or an opinion piece on how partying in college can change your social life. You can tie your personal stories into these entries without being boring or irrelevant.

Don’t forget to read this post, to see what is coming this year for Puma Press blogging.

Check back every week for highlights from our blogs, new prompts, and blogging help.

If you need help with blogging, setting up an account, or technical WordPress issues, please email me at

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  1. February 1, 2010 1:52 pm

    I really like your template, its simple but easy on the eyes and easy to navigate was it a paid or free template?

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