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Weekly Highlights #38 of 2009

September 13, 2009
  • Phoenix Art Museum houses large variety   BLOG
  • Lawsuit continues against Britney Spears    BLOG
  • PVCC Phi Theta Kappa commemorates 9/11    BLOG
  • Movie “9” get rated    BLOG
  • Maricopa District Board – news in review    BLOG
  • Dr. Sanfroid blasts “Become a Player” web site    BLOG
  • Review of book by Twitter expert    BLOG
  • Make a $10 dress look like a 100 bucks    BLOG
  • Naturally earth friendly cleaning products    BLOG
  • Puma Press reporters challenged with busy schedule    BLOG
  • Citizens carrying guns greet President in Phoenix    BLOG
  • Oklahoma Sooners suffer college football injuries    BLOG
  • O’Connor back in AZ politics / State mails to dead people    BLOG
  • Are US Marines alone in Afghanistan ?  BLOG
  • Bloggers ! Learn about WIDGET tools in the Blog Garage
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